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I’m an Ideas man

For Enterprise

I will enhance the usability, efficiency, and satisfaction of your enterprise applications. I aim to streamline workflows, reduce training, and improve user adoption & productivity.

I’m available for hire!

Website Wrangler
For Business

With my expertise, I’ll breathe new life into your online presence, transforming it into a modern masterpiece that captivates and engages with your audience – seamlessly across all mobile devices.

What I Do

Howdy! I’m Stephen Gaines, a Website Wrangler at your service. I’m known for designing, building, rescuing, updating, and taming unfriendly websites. I’ve designed and built websites for Law Firms, Addiction Recovery facilities, e-commerce companies, and a former Olympian. In addition, I built a design system for a multi-national flooring and surfaces company and designed user interfaces for a medical management company.

Content Development

I create content strategies that define a product’s goals, management, and distribution across multiple touchpoints.

UX Design for Enterprise

I design enterprise software that is visually appealing, functional, and efficient.

Web Design & Development

I build business websites that reach your audience, convert leads, and sell your products and services online.

My UX Wrangling Skills

  • Enterprise Design Systems – 88%
  • Prototype and Wire-Framing Experience – 85%
  • Figma – 85%
  • Sketch -83%
  • Interface Design – 85%
  • UX Research – 65%
  • Inclusive Design – 50%

My Website Wrangling Skills

  • WordPress – 90%
  • Photoshop – 85%
  • Responsive Design – 85%
  • Divi Page Builder – 85%
  • HTML – 95%
  • CSS – 85%
  • E-commerce Experience – 75%

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Stephen J. Gaines

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