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UX Design System & Software UI Design

As lead UI/UX designer, I developed and implemented an enterprise medical design system, which was used for all internal software. I designed enterprise software that is visually appealing, functional, and efficient.

The Problem

This Provider Portal application, used by subscribing physicians (most are Baby Boomers or Gen-X users) and their staff, often complained that the software was difficult to navigate, confusing, and frustrating.

  • Alert modals often appeared over an existing alert modal (modal over a modal)
  • Little distinction between primary and secondary buttons
  • Lack of text hierarchy
  • Bad and inconsistent iconography
  • Confusing forms
  • Broken Layout
  • Data visualization that is difficult to understand
  • Use of irrelevant images relying on outside links that were often broken

The Solution

  • A Medical UX Design System
  • Ant Design (Legacy applications)
  • Google Material (New and updated applications)
  • Responsive ready (Users on desktop computers only)
  • Incorporated brand colors
  • Medical icon library
  • Standardized navigation
  • Broad alert components
  • Accessibility ready
  • Designed for a React dev environment

The Outcome:

The Medical UX Design System for Enterprise Software helped create multiple redesigns using:

  • Best design practices 
  • Form simplification
  • Responsive ready for physicians using iPads
  • Improved workflow
  • Design that incorporated current use

Quality Measures Dashboard*

Using the design components in the medical enterprise design system, this angular application provided the physician’s critical patient data.

  • Provides at-a-glace physician quality measures
  • Tooltips provided additional visual information
  • Current year medical tracking
  • Patient device and demographic tracking

Physician Registration*

Using the design components in the medical enterprise design system, this angular application tracked physician registrations needing approval or denial.

  • Now provides room for multiple types of alerts
  • Users can quickly identify and resolve duplicate registrations
  • User profile information is available to the user by drop-down

New Authorization*

I designed this angular application using this medical enterprise design system to help healthcare providers create insurance authorizations.

  • Authorization progress indicator
  • Side links provided additional support and help
  • The accordion component, requested by the users, continued to provide quick form navigation

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