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Employee Intranet Portal

The original employee portal was designed in-house and only partially utilized. Hierarchical navigation jetted from the left and reached up to five levels. Users struggled to keep their cursor on the correct level while they scanned each option. Ultimately, landing on the correct menu item would take three to five attempts. As a result, the search feature was used most often. The application wasn’t responsive, so a second version of the portal, designed for company-issued iPads, was also created. The page had much wasted space, and the design needed to be more inviting. Obscure iconography was used, and most used the search field to find what they needed.

*Design work done for my former employer is proprietary, and I can’t show the actual design. This example is similar to the application I originally designed.

Desktop View

Using the examples of employer portals I’ve used in the past at Apple and Microsoft, I designed an employee experience designed to quickly give the employee product information and service updates, see how the company is climbing the ladder of success, and give a sense of security in a growing industry.

iPad View

The employee portal is fully responsive and allows users to view it using a tablet.

iPhone View

The employee portal is fully responsive and allows users to view it from a smartphone.

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